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Just wanted to stop in to say "Hi" and wanted to offer you "The True Bat Man" fans first dibs on a a piece of Bat Man memorobilia that I came across some years ago. What I have is a copper belt buckle that was made by Lee Belts NY, NY for national periodical publications in 1975. I believe it could be rare and thought it would be nice to give you guys a chance at it, prior to offering it on a public auction such as e-bay. If interested send all offers to

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Thanks for the offer Linea. I'm not in the market myself but, whenever your ready, I can offer to post News of your eBay auction on my Comic Book Listings Blog! It would be Free, of course. As sales and auctions of comic books and collectibles such as your Batman Buckle, are exactly the types of things I blog about. In deed if you have other collectibles for sale or auction, I would be happy to post news of those items as well. ~ Bargain Hunter
Thanks so much! I'll let you know.. Linea

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